Lyrics (English)

“Hatsune Miku – Amazing Magician” English lyrics

Amazing Magician (Game Edit)

Amazing magician, wondering technician

The magic even changes the darkness to glare
The light is lost, the world of darkness
The trick someone set
Standing dominantly, the castle of pandemonium
Cannot see the shadows of the king but

Take the brightness back (It’s coming! It’s coming! Power of miracles)
Fully charged magic power, the blaze sees through the final boss
(It’s show time!)

Amazing magician, wondering technician
The magic with no secret, charming wonderland
Having a dream, true colors shine on
Urbane gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmi gimmick on effect, carrying the sunlight

Singer: Hatsune Miku
Song written by Mitchie M

Japanese lyrics are here ▶︎ 初音ミク『アメイジング・マジシャン』歌詞


  1. ほんと人間みたいな調声ですよねぇ。